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Armor is worn to protect an entity's body from physical damage. There are several types of armor available.

Armor is split into three classes, depending on the amount of protection it gives: light, medium, and heavy.

Each set of armor is comprised of four pieces: a helmet, a body suit, gloves and boots (or extremities), and a shield. The protection given by the various pieces vary, and as the class of each piece increases, there is a stacking drawback; fitting metal to your body does not come without a cost.

  • Helmets cause a penalty to Perception checks
  • Extremities and Body Armor cause a penalty to Dexterity
  • Shields cause a penalty to movement.
Slot Class AC Penalty
Head Light +2 -1 Per
Body +1 -2 Dex
Extremities +0 0 Dex
Shield +1 -0ft / -0sq
Head Medium +3 -2 Per
Body +2 -3 Dex
Extremities +1 -1 Dex
Shield +2 -5ft / -1sq
Head Heavy +5 -3 Per
Body +3 -5 Dex
Extremities +2 -2 Dex
Shield +4 -10ft / -2sq