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Defences are what protect you from that which would harm you. There are two primary types of defence; proactive defence and reactive defence.

Proactive Defence

Proactive defences are things you do in preparation for encountering the horrors of the world. They include armor, meditation, and other such things.


[math]10 + \text{the highest of [Str] or [Dex]} + \text{Armour bonus} + \text{Shield bonus}[/math]


[math]10 + \text{[Wis]} + \text{[Cha]}[/math]


[math]10 + \text{[Con]} + \text{[Int]}[/math]

Reactive Defence

Reactive defences are rolls you make in reaction to something acting against you. These commonly take the form of Saves. Saves are made most commonly against environmental or secondary effects; most primary interactions with the character will attack a proactive defence.

Saves are rolls made against an effect, and are modified by an Attribute.

Strength saves protect against someone trying to push in a door you're barring, stopping heavy weights dropping on you, etc.

Constitution saves protect against disease, poison, exhaustion, etc.

Dexterity saves protect against traps, etc.

Intelligence saves protect against attempts at misinformation, inception, and other such logical traps.

Wisdom saves can protect against magical deception, etc.

Charisma saves protect against enchantment, vocal bamboozlement, etc.