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Dwarves are a stout race of stubborn and industrious workers. They can be found wherever manual labour is needed; not due to any servitude, they merely prefer to see the work done by those who are most proficient in it. They are longer lived than all races but the Treants, and prefer to identify one area of work and truly master it, than to generalise. Their society is relatively divinely focused, though many lack the openness to receive significant power, and prefer to stick to more martial endeavours.


  • Dwarves receive a major bonus (+3) to Constitution and a minor bonus (+2) to Wisdom.
  • Dwarves receive a major malus (-3) to Dexterity and a minor malus (-2) to Charisma.
  • Dwarves are known to be reliable in all that they do. A dwarf has the option to gain advantage on a single damage roll, a number of times per day equal to half of their character level.
  • Dwarves are stout and strong-backed individuals. As long as they are below their maximum heavy load, they do not receive the associated penalties from their load. They also treat their armor as one category lower for the purposes of proficiencies.
  • Dwarves know life underground better than almost any other race. They receive a +2 Racial bonus to Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, Survival, Stealth, and Knowledge checks that pertain to underground environments.