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Elves tend to stay close to nature. Their major population centers focus around wooded areas, or areas of particular natural beauty. Their culture puts great stock in finesse and art; skills that they must be quick to learn, as they have abnormally short life expectancies. They also have an affinity for the arcane arts, drawn by their beauty and the care needed to properly practice them.


  • Elves receive a major bonus (+3) to Dexterity, and a minor bonus (+2) to Intelligence.
  • Elves receive a major malus (-3) to Strength, and a minor malus (-2) to Wisdom.
  • Elves are able to leverage their finesse to improve their ability to critically injure their enemies. They have advantage on attack rolls to confirm critical hits, and confer disadvantage to enemies who are trying to confirm critical hits against them
  • Elves receive a free Perception check when they are in the vicinity of hidden objects or doors.