Equipment, Goods, and Services

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There are 3 main categories of mundane equipment: weapons, armor, and adventuring gear.

Types of Equipment


 Main article: Weapons

Weapons are what some classes use to inflict damage. This includes swords, maces, axes, spears, bows, crossbows, guns, etc.


 Main article: Armor

Armor is worn by a person, and protects them from damage. It includes body armor, shields, barding, etc.

Adventuring Gear

Adventuring gear includes other mundane gear. All adventurers are assumed to have an adventuring kit. This kit contains objects such as a rain tarp, a bedroll, a few meters of rope, torches, a couple of vials, some chalk, and other common items that might be useful. It doesn't contain perishables such as food and potable water.

Mounts and Vehicles

 Main article: Mounts and Vehicles

Mounts and vehicles are used to travel more quickly or with more weight.

Trade Goods

Trade goods are used primarily by traders, towns, and villages, as consumable goods that people generally need to live their lives. Cereals, fruits, vegetables, construction materials, ores, and refined metals are all considered trade goods.


 Main article: Services

Services are actions you can pay others to perform. These include providing food or shelter, labour, spellcasting, enchanting, and labor

Costs and Availability

All equipment, goods, and services cost money. General mundane adventuring goods are assumed to be covered in an adventuring kit, which all players are assumed to have. Weapons and armor need to be covered, as do specific equipment choices. Ammunition should be assumed to be available, except in specific situations where it is scarce.

Weapon Cost Availability
2-Handed 2 2
1-Handed 1 1
Off-Handed 1 2
Bow 1 2
Crossbow 2 2
Firearm 5 5
Armor Cost Availability
Helmet 1 1
Body 2 1
Extremities 3 2
Shield 2 2
Other Cost Availability
Standard Mount 2 1
Unusual Mount 4 5
Vehicle 2 1
Kit 1 1
Level N Spell N N+2
Level N Labor N N
Level N Ritual N + Ritual Cost N
Trade Goods 1 1

Equipment and goods that're affected by size have the following modifiers.

Size Cost Availability
N sizes larger +N +N
Small +0 +0
Medium +0 +0
N sizes larger +N2 +N