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Feats are a way of describing some of the more singular things that a character is capable of. A feat is almost always noteworthy, though some are more subtle than others. Some feats have prerequisites which must be met before they can be taken.

Feats are categorised for descriptive purposes only.

Feat Descriptions

Power Feats

 Main article: Power Feats

Power feats are feats that manipulate your powers.

Racial Feats

 Main article: Racial Feats

Racial feats are feats that relate specifically to certain races. They serve to enhance specific racial abilities.

Background Feats

 Main article: Background Feats

Background feats are feats that help quantify the qualitative parts of your character's history. They are only available by choice at first level, but may be granted by the DM in certain situations, to reflect elements of character development.

Skill Feats

 Main article: Skill Feats

Skill Feats are feats that enhance a character's ability to perform skill checks.

Proficiency Feats

 Main article: Proficiency Feats

Proficiency feats are feats that give you proficiency in some area of life. They offer a way to develop certain abilities normally granted by classes, without having to multiclass to get them.


Flaws are anti-feats. On character creation, your DM may allow you to take up to two flaws, and gain as many feats. Flaws are designed to be more impactful than feats, and any feats taken should have an active impact on the character; a character with no sense of sight cannot take the Blind flaw.

Flaws may also be gained at a later level, but not by choice. A DM may assign one after certain game events. If they do, they should also consider offering a source of personal growth; gaining a flaw is often worth gaining an applicable feat. However, the feat that the afflicted character gains may be assigned by the DM.

Flaw Descriptions

Physical Flaws

Mental Flaws

Social Flaws