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The Gnomes are an interesting people. They simultaneously put great stock in tradition and in innovation. They were amongst the first to develop meaningful settlements, with their ingenuity allowing them to transport and store large amounts of water and food. They rely greatly on automated defences and traps to protect themselves, preferring not to fight themselves.


  • Gnomes receive a major bonus (+3) to Intelligence and a minor bonus (+2) to Constitution.
  • Gnomes receive a major malus (-3) to Strength and a minor malus (-2) to Wisdom.
  • Gnomes are able to develop their powers by putting a significant amount of time into their study. Whenever you level up, choose an effect. You may freely improve that affect by a number of points equal to a quarter of your character level, rounded up.
  • Gnomes are equally able to adjust their defences iteratively. Each round in which they are attacked with the exact same power, their defences increase by 1 against that power.
  • Gnomes are very handy individuals. They receive a +2 Racial bonus to Craft checks.