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If any civilised race can be said to obey hive or swarm activity, it is the goblins. Sensitive to sunlight, they life in massive underground warrens, each of which can house thousands of individuals from perhaps only a few dozen families. Similarly to the gnomes, they rely on traps and more underhand tactics to get what they need. However, they take a more straight forward tactic to battle, preferring instead to simply outnumber the opponents. Their culture is primarily family-focused, with the loose governments favouring an very socialist outlook towards goods and services. Mob justice is common, and for all that family matters, individual sentiment isn't the highest priority; if you are not acting in the common good, you're getting out.


  • Goblins receive a major bonus (+3) to Dexterity and a minor bonus (+2) to Intelligence.
  • Goblins receive a major malus (-3) to Strength and a minor malus (-2) to Charisma.
  • Goblins are crafty fighters. Whenever they are flanking an enemy, they receive +2 to attack rolls, and +1 damage per non-precision damage die in addition to the normal bonuses.
  • Goblins tend to be flighty in combat. Whenever they are attacked, if the attack misses, they are able to take a free 5ft step in any direction that is not towards the attacker.
  • Goblins use traps as part of everyday life. They enjoy advantage when interacting with traps.