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The Crest is a monumental chain of mountains that transverses the Weirlands north-to-south. Cartographically, it is considered to be in the west.


The Crest shows the most diverse range of elevations anywhere in the Weirlands. It is invaluable as a source of water, precious stones, metals, and building materials. While not uniform, the individual mountains are each sufficiently large to prohibit travel. The lowest travelled pass is over 16,000ft above sea level, and the highest peak is over 40,000ft in height. In addition to this, the hydrology of the Weirlands leads to a large amount of solid water at the peaks, which creates a number of avalanche risks and snow-covered ice pools.

While travel atop these mountains is perilous, they are inhabited by various earth-related races. Communities of Dwarves, Gnomes, Goblins, and appropriately adapted Kinfolk live underground, while Giants, Trolls, and the like subsist amongst the lower peaks.

The Crest acts as an aquetard, preventing both the flow of groundwater from the east to the west and the precipitated waters of the Kystan Ocean falling further to the west; this flow of water is known as the Crestfall. Avalanches are common amongst the peaks during the winter, though less frequent in the lower regions. As the snow melts during the spring, subsidence-related landslides may occur in valleys and passes. Summers tend to bring heavy rainfall, but bring little risk of further surface activity; the vast majority of unstable surfaces are cleared by the spring's snowmelt.


The Golden Fringe

The Golden Fringe is a region of the Crest consisting of a large gold ore vein and the area immediately around it. It is considered under the control of Malkuti Eretz, the head state of the Dwarvern Commonwealth, and consists of the majority of its territory. The Fringe vein occasionally reaches the mountain faces, giving the mountains above the vein a distinctive sheen in places.

The dwarves that inhabit the cities, towns, and tunnels in the region defend it well. All visitors are catalogued and provided with travel papers upon entry, for a price. If any travellers are found to be without their travel papers, they are arrested for trespass and ejected from their determined point of entry, if found guilty.


 Main article: Kepir

Kepir, or the Obsidian Pit, refers to a series of incredibly dangerous tunnels deep underneath the Crest. It is the realm of the Iver, who work tirelessly to retrieve the incredibly rare ores, gemstones, and minerals. Given the solitary nature of Iver, there are not any permanent settlements and very few opportunities to resupply. Combined with the dangerous denizens lurking in the darkness, very few ever voluntarily travel into the tunnels.

The Squallsweep

An incredibly low pass between two monumental peaks, the Squallsweep is characterised by the incredibly high winds that tear through, causing anything not nailed down to be swept down the side of the mountains. Thankfully, it is not the only pass nearby, and it is far easier to travel under the pass that over it; a company of enterprising Half-Giants have created an underground route which the few travellers that head west can use, for a price.