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Kepir, or the Obsidian Pit, refers to a series of incredibly dangerous tunnels deep underneath the Crest. It is the realm of the Iver, who work tirelessly to retrieve the incredibly rare ores, gemstones, and minerals. Given the solitary nature of Iver, there are not any permanent settlements and very few opportunities to resupply. Combined with the dangerous denizens lurking in the darkness, very few ever voluntarily travel into the tunnels.


 Main article: Eigenlicht

Eigenlicht is the only large, permanent populated city in the Obsidian Pit. Built directly below Muzhav Ulam, it acts as an equipment station, goods port, and border control for traversal to and from the Kepirian tunnels. Permanently bathed in light, Eigenlicht is fuelled by pockets of natural gas found deep within the shafts below.

The Thewn

The Thewn is a little known series of caverns whose walls are made of living flesh.