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Nappe is the forested region directly east of the Crest.


Varying by season, the exact climate at the time can be anywhere from subtropical to subarctic. The flora tends to be adapted to be able to weather the changing seasons. Large trees are coniferous, and the majority of smaller plants are able to hibernate through their unfavourable seasons. The typical elevation of the Nappe region is between 10,000ft and 1,500ft. Crestfallen rivers are common, wide, deep, and can be very dangerous.


Routes through Nappe are maintained by the natural denizens: Elves, Gnomes, Treants and a vast array of Kinfolk. These communities maintain villages and towns in clearings, around (and occasionally on) lakes, and in large treehouse-like constructions.

Industry in Nappe is centered around the plants and animals that thrive in the environment, and the bountiful lumber. Trappers, hunters, and herbalists are common in the villages and towns, and logging camps are often found towards the eastern edge, carefully monitored by the Elves and Treants.