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The Mer are an almost entirely aquatic race. Primarily subsisting on cultivated kelp and farmed fish, they prefer practical solutions to the problems that they face. While one may be mistaken for thinking that their natural environment may isolate them from much of society, this is not the case. It is extremely common for fishing boats to hire a Mer as a navigator or advisor as to where the best fishing locations are, and their knowledge of their environment is rivalled only be the Orc's knowledge of theirs. Their tails are able to support them on land almost indefinitely, though not without possible complications. The risk of ulceration and scale dessication is sufficient that most do not stray far from the water. Mer are a common sight in coastal land towns, which often extend into the water and grow to include Mer populations. Those who deal with land-dwellers frequently often choose to built split-level homes in deep tidal pools or against cliff faces, such that they can entertain their friends while still living in their natural habitat. The Mer tend towards mercantile roles, their ease in the water giving them confidence amongst the rivers and coastal paths that help facilitate long-distance trade.


  • Mer receive a major bonus (+3) to Charisma and a minor bonus (+2) to Strength.
  • Mer receive a major malus (-3) to Intelligence and a minor malus (-2) to Constitution.
  • A Mer's tail is exceptionally powerful. When they would be offered an attack of opportunity, they may choose to make a Grapple or Trip maneuver rather than their normal attack."
  • Mer's aquatic nature allows them to breathe and work underwater without penalty.
  • Mer are skilled workers, allowing them advantage on any Craft or Profession checks in which they are proficient.