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Orcs are a generally tribal people. They work and live in the wilderness, in small nomadic communities. While their sustenance is primary derived from hunter-gatherer practices, they have a rich and storied culture, and often have great respect for the lands they inhabit. Other cultures, especially gnomish and dwarvern communities, may shun an overly emotional lifestyle, but this is not the case with the orcs. They believe that their visceral response to the world is the true judgement of character, rather than ones control over it. As such, they are a passionate people. Orcs are found in minority in multiracial/permanent settlements, often acting as security or law enforcement, though a surprising number work in more artistic environments.


  • Orcs receive a major bonus (+3) to Strength and a minor bonus (+2) to Charisma.
  • Orcs receive a major malus (-3) to Intelligence and a minor malus (-2) to Luck.
  • Orcs are passionate fighters. They increase the critical threat range of all attacks they make by 1, after applying multiplicative bonuses.
  • Orcs are famously quick to recover from injuries. The HP healing they receive from taking an extended rest is tripled.
  • Orcs are able to channel their passion into their performances. They receive a +2 Racial bonus to Perform checks.