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There are 6 primary sources of power within the Weirlands. Every Hero and any adversary with a class draws its power from at least one of these sources.

The primary sources provide a number of basic effects to their adherents. In addition to this, all classes gain access to one or more secondary lists of effects, that represent the specific way that class uses that power source.

Martial.svg Martial

Martial power represents power gained by honing one's physical form. Army training, a hard day's labour, or simply running away quickly can all help hone martial power. The base classes that utilise the Martial power source are:

The secondary martial power sources are known as trainings. The available trainings are:

  • Piercing.svg Piercing
  • Slashing.svg Slashing
  • Bludgeoning.svg Bludgeoning
  • Ranged.svg Ranged
  • Thrown.svg Thrown
  • Defence.svg Defence
  • Rage.svg Rage
  • Command.svg Command

Divine.svg Divine

Divine power originates from supremely powerful beings that represent ideals of virtue or vice. Divine power is developed by sincere and intense worship of these beings. The base Divine classes are:

The secondary divine power sources are known as domains. The available domains are:

  • Good.svg Good
  • Evil.svg Evil
  • Chaos.svg Chaos
  • Stasis.svg Stasis
  • War.svg War
  • Air.svg Air
  • Water.svg Water
  • Fire.svg Fire
  • Earth.svg Earth
  • Positive.svg Positive
  • Negative.svg Negative
  • Fate.svg Fate
  • Society.svg Society
  • Travel.svg Travel

The divine power source is far more fragmented than other primary power sources. This reflects the polytheistic nature of many belief systems within the Weirlands.

Arcane.svg Arcane

Arcane power originates from study of the ineffable energies from beyond the Material plane and its accompanying mirror planes. Known rituals exist to extract these powers, but without years of study, they are beyond the reach of most mortals. The base Arcane classes are:

The secondary arcane power sources are known as schools. The available schools are:

  • Creation.svg Creation
  • Destruction.svg Destruction
  • Restoration.svg Restoration
  • Abjuration.svg Abjuration
  • Divination.svg Divination
  • Alteration.svg Alteration
  • Deception.svg Deception
  • Transportation.svg Transportation
  • Petition.svg Petition

Psionic.svg Psionic

Psionic power originates from within the power of one's own mind. For a Psionic Hero, the greatest strength in the world is a disciplined and honed brain. The base Psionic classes are:

The secondary psionic power sources are known as disciplines. The available disciplines are:

  • Kinesis.svg Kinesis, action at a distance
  • Morphis.svg Morphis, altering substances
  • Clairscience.svg Clairscience, innate knowledge
  • Telepathy.svg Telepathy, knowing others
  • Biosis.svg Biosis, altering others
  • Potence.svg Potence, altering oneself

Primal.svg Primal

Primal Heroes draw their power from the Material plane's sheer abundance of life. Nowhere else in the multiverse is there such a concentration of untapped vital energy, and Primal characters are very much in sync with it. The base Primal classes are:

The secondary primal power sources are known as aspects. The available aspects

  • Animal.svg Animal
  • Plant.svg Plant
  • Weather.svg Weather
  • Terrain.svg Terrain
  • Brine.svg Brine

Shadow.svg Shadow

Shadow power originates directly from the Shadow plane, a direct mirror opposite of the Material plane. Shadow power does not play nicely with any Material forces; those who utilize it are often avatars of death and chaos, or are running from their fate. The base Shadow classes are:

The secondary shadow power sources are known as persuits. The available persuits are:

  • Venom.svg Venom
  • Veil.svg Veil
  • Curse.svg Curse
  • Brawl.svg Brawl
  • Intrigue.svg Intrigue

Effects Granted by Classes

 Main article: Effect List

Some classes grant effects. These effects are treated as if they were granted by the base power source for that class, but are only available to members of that class. If a class has more than one base power source, then the effect is treated as though it belongs to both sources.