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Treants are unusual amongst the civilised races, in that it is hard to believe that treants have a unified civilisation. Unlike the other races, they are not animals, but are more closely akin to awakened, animated trees. Their life cycle is also a little different, as they do not gain sentience until they could be considered adult; indeed, they only awaken after they have first released seeds. Such events are annual, and are cause for sedate celebration within each copse, as one awakening often triggers many. They are exceedingly long lived, seemingly immortal barring outside influence, and as such, are very wise. However, as vulnerable as they are when they are growing, very few of the seeds released in a season ever reach maturity. This is no tragedy amongst them; such saplings were never awakened, and had no opportunity to suffer.

Treants meet on a superlunar calendar; every 144 lunar months, one of the two wardens from each copse travels to the consular clearing for the region, to exchange news and events. From here, ambassadors of the council, often smaller, younger treants, travel to each of the other councils, to disseminate the information further. This process, including the return journey, takes roughly 12 months to complete, and is a once- or twice-in-a-lifetime event amongst the shorter-lived races.


  • Treants receive a major bonus (+3) to Wisdom and a minor bonus (+2) to Strength.
  • Treants receive a major malus (-3) to Dexterity and a minor malus (-2) to Charisma.
  • Treants have a powerful frame, allowing them to count as a size larger than they are, when beneficial.
  • Treants' unusual physiology gives them some advantages. They are not subject to fatigue or exhaustion from natural/self inflicted causes, but may still be afflicted by artificial means. They are also immune to most poisons.
  • Treants are at one with nature. They receive a +2 Racial bonus to Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, Survival, Stealth, and Knowledge checks that pertain to forested and grassland environments.